The Way of Excellence

To better serve landmen, landowners and clients, we built our organization around five fundamental components: principles, people, management, education and innovation.  By laying the proper foundation, we have developed a surer way of conducting landwork. Our way is the way of excellence. We pursue it in every detail of our business, and we are eager to demonstrate the power of the Petrolia way.


Guiding Principles

The Greeks called it ethos; the Romans referred to virtus; we call it character. In the founding of an organization, it is the most important starting point. What type of ethics do we promote? What virtues are we pursuing? What type of legacy are we building?

Benjamin Franklin is said to have kept a list of virtues and a chart marking his daily progress in the pursuit of those virtues. Teddy Roosevelt said “Character, in the long run, is the decisive factor in the life of an individual and of nations alike.”

At Petrolia, we believe this is the decisive factor in the success of a business.

Certainty In An Uncertain Business

The character of an organization is developed just as it is developed in the life of an individual; “the prudent individual charts his or her own course as opposed to bobbing along on local currents.” As such, we have deliberately set the course of our company by establishing firm guiding principles in every aspect of our business. With these values as our bedrock, our clients can be certain of our future behavior no matter the uncertainty of commodity prices.

I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.

George Washington

Honesty when it is convenient is easy; honesty when it is inconvenient is what defines character. We practice honesty in every detail of our business. Our invoices are transparent and accurate; when we need less people to complete the task, we don’t ask for more; if a deadline is impossible, we express why and offer solutions. This virtue is evident to clients and landowners alike, and mutual trust connects them so that wells are drilled and pipelines built.

Nihil est melius quam vita diligentissima.

Nothing is better than a life of utmost diligence.

We care about our work and are conscientious in our duties. Billable time is not our time. It belongs to our client, and we diligently pursue their interest. We are meticulous while abstracting, attentive when working with landowners and rigorous in our research. We strive for excellence, and we understand that it is achieved in the day-to-day grind. The harder we work to produce our product, the easier it is for the client to produce theirs.

Courage is the greatest of all virtues, because if you haven’t courage, you may not have an opportunity to use any of the others.

Samuel Johnson

In order to deliver exceptional results, you have to be bold. If a project is running inefficiently, most people accept existing conditions; it can be difficult to speak up even if fortitude leads to innovative solutions. At Petrolia, we seek the better way. We are not afraid to offer solutions for fear of failure. We eagerly seek feedback from our clients and contractors and are resolute in implementing good suggestions. Greatness starts with the courage to honestly evaluate your shortcomings.

Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people.

John Adams

In our industry knowledge is literally power. Being informed of the latest land-related legal cases and applying that knowledge to landwork leads to the successful development of oil and gas wells. We have created a culture that values knowledge and the love of learning. Our contractors and employees are empowered to pursue it. We encourage communication, creativity and curiosity as a means to deliver innovative new processes and systems. Ultimately, it is the knowledge of the landman that protects the investments of the client.

Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly and they will show themselves great.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Since there are so many events outside of our control, we believe that a company should be fair and just in all of the aspects that are within reach. Whether it is dealing with clients, landowners, contractors or employees, we strive to be equitable in all situations. As a result, our professionals work in a more secure and stable environment; they appreciate being accepted or rejected based on defined criteria versus abstract measuring methods. We strive to treat everyone greatly, with the expectation that they will show themselves great.

We Fully Embrace AAPL Code of Ethics

The Bylaws of the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL) provide that a Code of Ethics has been established “to inspire and maintain a high standard of professional conduct” for the members of the Association. The Code of Ethics is the basis of conduct, business principles and ideals for AAPL members. This standard of professional conduct and these guiding principles and ideals mandated by the Code of Ethics within the AAPL Bylaws are summarized as follows:

A. Fair and honest dealing with landowners, industry associates and the general public so as to preserve the integrity of the profession (Article XVI, Section 1);
B. Adherence to a high standard of conduct in fulfilling his fiduciary duties to a principal (Article XVI, Section 2);
C. Avoiding business activity which may conflict with the interest of his employer or client or result in the unauthorized disclosure or misuse of confidential information (Article XVI, Section 2);
D. Performance of professional services in a competent manner (Article XVI, Section 2);

E. Adherence to any provisions of the Bylaws, Code of Ethics, or any rule, regulation, or order adopted pursuant thereto (Article V, Section 9);
F. Avoiding the aiding or abetting of any unauthorized use of the title “Certified Professional Landman,” “Registered Professional Landman,” “P.Land” or “CPL/ESA” (Article V, Section 9); and
G. Avoiding any act or conduct which causes disrespect for or lack of confidence in the member to act professionally as a land professional (Article V, Section 9).
The masculine gender used herein shall refer to both men and women landmen. (*References are to the applicable Article and Section of the AAPL Bylaws.) 

Full Ethics statement:

Petrolia People

At Petrolia Land Company, we don’t recruit projects; we recruit the most talented, educated professionals in the oil and gas industry. We look for those individuals that uphold our core principles and place them in a management system where they thrive. We challenge them to pursue education and consider new approaches. We listen to fresh ideas, and we turn feedback into radical innovations.

The Standards of Stability

The swings of a commodity industry can be difficult to anticipate. While there are never guarantees, we believe a company of like-minded professionals upholding higher standards can build a reputation that’s valuable both in upswings and downswings. We partner with landmen of character to create an organization that is greater than ourselves.

What Makes Us Different

It’s simple really; we care about people. We don’t just care about the profits they make or the service they provide, we genuinely care about their growth, struggles, families and long-term stability. We not only care about them when they work for us, but also when they move on to new projects and other opportunities.

Caring in Action

Savings, Retirement and Life Insurance

The career of a landman can be a difficult journey full of uncertainty. It takes discipline to save and plan for the worst. That’s why we have worked with Rasberry Financial Services to design saving and retirement plans that fit the unique needs of the land industry.  With no connection to Petrolia Land Company or other brokers, these plans are the perfect solution for the independent contractor.


With variable income and unique expenses, planning for quarterly or year-end tax payments can be a complex process for the land professional. At Petrolia Land, we work closely with Cerra CPA Firm. They understand our industry and offer accounting solutions tailored to the needs of independent landmen.

Fair Recruiting

When we recruit, we are upfront about the longevity of potential projects. When a project ends, we are transparent about upcoming opportunities. We work hard to find the right people, and once we place them, we do everything in our power to keep them busy.  We never make empty promises or commitments we can’t uphold.

Mutual Accountability

Our relationships are not only based on mutual respect but also on mutual accountability. We challenge our people to be honest, work diligently, seek knowledge and pursue their career passionately. We hold our professionals to high expectations of performance, and in return, they hold us to the same quality of excellence.

Looking For A Job?

We would love to consider your abilities for current and future positions. We have specifically developed the Landserve System to categorize and geo-reference land expertise with nation-wide land projects. Please submit your resume and let us search for your next project.

Petrolia Management

"Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing."

Thomas Edison

Finding talented people is one thing, but utilizing talents to max potential is much more challenging. At Petrolia Land, we build systems that are designed to magnify individual contributions. We organize the many under one purpose: provide the most accurate and efficient land service in the industry.

The Petrolia Management System

Defining Structure

Our organizational structure was deliberately designed for the oil and gas land industry to increase the client-value of both independent land agents and employees. With the capacity to expand or contract as demand requires, it supports small projects or multi-state prospects.


We ensure communication is nimble and relevant in fast paced markets. Information flows freely up and down the organization enabling quick, responsive solutions. Approachability is emphasized; feedback and criticism are rewarded.

Creating Culture

Our character-first culture is clearly communicated and defined. Whether an agent provides service to us for one short-term project or they work multiple projects, we treat them with respect, curtesy and a consistent level of professionalism.

Finding Leaders

Developing the right people for leadership is the path to smooth-running land projects. We seek those professionals who are masters of their craft but dedicated to self-improvement; those who are humble in their interactions but confident enough to seek criticism.


We know that shared incentives are one of the most important driving factors behind success. Our managers have a stake in their work. They care about what they do, and their accomplishments are tied directly to their compensation.

Safety First

The safety and health of our professionals are the highest priority. We expect everyone to operate within the defined parameters of our clients, public safety laws and our own rules of safety.

Know How To Lead People?

If you have crew chief experience or you’ve managed projects in the past, we would love to utilize your talents for future opportunities. Please read more about Petrolia Partners and be sure to visit to submit your resume.

Petrolia Education

For us, education is not defined as a past experience: something done once and abandoned. Instead, it is the continual process of learning. We are always seeking and ever expanding our area of expertise. We process and refine the latest industry information, and we apply its relevance to our daily work for the benefit of our clients.


The American Association of Professional Landmen is the embodiment of this idea and the authoritative source of information and guidance for the land professional. Their educational meetings, publications and resources are instrumental in the understanding and proper application of land related issues. Their certification programs ensure that the land industry is represented with credible and competent professionals.

Our Commitment

Petrolia Land Company is a dedicated supporter of the AAPL and the values that it promotes. We only use land agents who are members or actively becoming members, and we encourage all of our professionals to volunteer and participate in the mission of the organization.

Petroleum Land Management

The advancement of our industry through education is an essential goal. Petrolia Land Company supports the mission of the following accredited land management programs by giving graduates special recognition in the Landserve system.


Thomas J. Watson, Sr. said that progress stops when an organization decides that success has been attained. At Petrolia, we agree. Pioneering must never cease.

In an established service industry, it can be difficult to trail blaze. There seems to be only so many ways of providing the same service. But, from our experience in the industry, there are many flaws and inefficiencies that can be remedied with the right innovations and by the right company.

We are that company. We know that as much as the industry has changed over the last twenty years, it will change even more in the future. We are not respondents to this change; we are drivers of it.

Innovations that lower expense

We are a cost-conscious, high-quality land service provider. We strive to lower client expenses while maximizing land service quality.

Petrolia Present

We open field offices when necessary for project efficiency, but we do not open offices to recruit clients. Most of our clients have their own offices, and we know that excessive office expenses are passed directly or indirectly back to oil and gas clients.

With the Landserve network of land professionals, we already have thousands of offices across the country, and much of landwork is done from courthouses, computers, vehicles and landowner tables. We have developed unique solutions designed to match the productivity of an office without the cost. Ultimately, this strategy allows us to bill lower rates and run a more stream-lined organization.

Right-match Billing

Our clients range in size and have different agendas with unique strategies. We do not use a one-size fits all approach for project invoicing. From Flat-Mark Billing to Flat-Rate Billing to operating within tight budget constraints or timelines, we have the billing solution that fits your strategy.

Outsource to Insource

We value the land professional above all. Many times there are services provided by the land expert that do not require land knowledge. We have broken down the individual components of landwork in order to maximize production efficiencies. With the ability to outsource non-core land task, we enable the land professional to focus on their core abilities and be an even greater asset for oil and gas clients.

Please contact us to learn more about our cost-conscious, high-quality land service.

Innovations that Incentivize

Petrolia Partners

We developed Petrolia Partners for those extraordinarily individuals who have the experience, knowledge and ability to run land service projects. Under the Petrolia system and structure, these individuals are encouraged and supported in managing their own projects and clients. These unique professionals are rewarded with compensation tied directly to their success.

Project Share Program

If you know of clients in immediate need of oil and gas landwork and make appropriate introductions that develop into a project, then we have a special program that rewards your efforts. We operate under the strictest professional standards and avoid all conflicts of interest, so please review our company principles and the AAPL Code of Ethics.

If you have the what it takes to recruit and manage your own projects or if you have worked hard to develop a professional network of potential clients, please contact us to find out more about these unique opportunities.

Our Toolbox of Innovations

From to Yeswell Billing, we have the tools that have you covered. They are each unique solutions designed to solve common industry problems and increase efficiency. Please visit our Tools page to learn more.

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