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At Petrolia Land we value your business, and we want the opportunity to earn your loyalty. Please contact us to learn more about our core components, services and tools. With Right -match Billing, Petrolia Present, and our other innovations, we have the right solutions for your land service needs.

Looking for a Job?

If you are a dedicated land professional, then we want you to be a part of our mission of excellence. Please read more about the type of people we need, the management environment we build, the education we continually seek and the type of principles we uphold. Use the link below to upload your resume into the Landserve system.

Know someone in need of a quality land service provider?

We are always looking for the opportunity to serve new clients with distinction and to provide an unprecedented level of service. If you know of someone looking for an oil and gas land service broker, we would love to hear from you. Please read more about Petrolia Partners, our Project Share Program and how you can be a part of our efforts.

Our office is where you need us!

As a cost-conscious, high-quality land service provider, we’ve adopted certain business strategies to maximize value and reduce waste. Through Petrolia Present and the advantage of, we operate few long-term office locations in order to reduce fixed expenses and pass subsequent savings on to our clients. We have vast experience executing low-cost field solutions and implement offices in any basin as efficiency dictates.

Brick and Mortar

Petrolia Land Company
317 W Oak Street, Suite 3
Laurel, MS 39440
Phone: (832) 779-0645

Behind the Scenes

Joshua Nowell, president

Certified Professional Landman

John Morgan, HR Director
Petrolia Partner

Emily Nowell, Director of Accounts
Board of The Petrolia Foundation
AAPL Member

Toby Yates, Project Manager
Petrolia Partner
AAPL Member

In Good Company

We are experts at land service but leave the other services to the experts we trust. As a modern solution, we look to dependable professionals for those components that are not critical to our core mission of excellence. Because of their work, we can focus on your work.

Bo Watts

Creative Computer / Web Development

Erin Napier

Lucky Luxe / Creative Consultant

Jim Rasberry

Company/Financial Advisor & Financial Retirement Solutions for the Land Professional

Laura Cerra, CPA

Company/Accounting Solutions for the Land Professional
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