What We Do

Confirm Ownership

  • Lease Checks
  • Surface, Mortgage, Mineral and Lease Title
  • Abstracting
  • Title Analysis
  • Estate and Heirship Research
  • Deed Plotting and Description Confirmation
  • Taxes, Liens and Judgments Analysis
  • Existing Well and Production Assessment

Report Ownership

  • Takeoffs
  • Competitor Maps
  • Runsheets
  • Surface and Mineral Ownership Reports
  • Certified Title
  • Abstracts
  • WI, NRI, ORRI, and NPRI Ownership Reports
  • Depth Severances and Zone Ownership Reports
  • HBP Reports

Acquire Rights

  • Document Drafting
  • Oil and Gas Leasing
  • Rights-of-way and Easement Acquisitions
  • Seismic Permitting
  • Mineral & Royalty Purchasing
  • Site Acquisitions
  • Infield Leasing
  • Well Trades
  • Farm-outs
  • Lease Swaps
  • Onshore and Offshore Federal, State, and Municipal Leasing
  • School Board Leasing
  • Water and Disposal Right Negotiations
  • Document Recording

Prepare for Production

  • LPR Reporting and Lease Analysis
  • Lease and Drill-Site Curative – Subordinations, Ratifications, Corrections
  • Amendments, Stipulations, and Affidavits
  • Location Evaluation
  • Surface and Damage Settlement Negotiations
  • Force Integrations, Unitization and Pooling
  • Joint Operating Agreement Review
  • Contract Analysis

Manage Data

  • Data Entry
  • Administration
  • GIS Application
  • Lease Record and Data Management
  • Oil and Gas Accounting
  • Division Orders
  • IT Services

Project Management

Need help running a project? We have the talent and professionals to make sure operations run smoothly.


Something just not working right? Bring in our experts, and let us evaluate your problems.

Due Diligence

Making an important acquisition? Protect your investment, and let us handle the complexity of the evaluation.

Parallel Services

At Petrolia Land Company, we recognize that our clients sometimes need expertise outside of our purview. In order satisfy these requirements with the same level of Petrolia quality they expect, we have researched and partnered with companies that uphold our same mission, core values and quality of service. Through these affiliations, we also have the ability to offer:

Title Opinions, Legal Interpretations and Application, Legal Services, Engineering & Surveying, Pipeline Construction and Safety Management, Environmental Inspection, Auto/Manual Welding Inspection, NACE Coating Inspection, Bending Inspectors, HDD Inspectors, QAQC Management, Estimators, Survey and Right of Way Inspection, Cathodic Protection Inspection, Utility Inspection, Right of Way Clearing, Electrical & Instrumental Inspection

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