The idea behind Landserve was simple: the ability to serve the client begins by serving the land professional. Landserve is an exciting solution to common industry problems. It was developed as a tool to automatically facilitate the exchange between job seekers and job fillers, and as a co-operative for landmen, it is designed to function as a master database for the land industry. With geographical referencing, the system is designed to fill local jobs with local people.



Creating a master onshore land database with geo-referencing is convenient for finding local talent, but without confirmation of abilities and reference checks, the system would never function at its peak level. Landserve Verified is our solution. Within the Landserve system, we have confirmed resumes, interviewed candidates and identified the most exceptional professionals with our exclusive identifying mark.

Staff a project with Landserve Verified candidates

Yeswell Billing System

We knew that in order to uphold our core principals as a land service broker, we would have to build our company around a powerful invoicing system designed to promote accountability, accuracy and transparency. With robust reporting tools and real-time cost tracking, we have the ability to offer our clients unique perspectives on project expenditures as well as estimate future cost based on current completion rates.

Our Yeswell Billing System combined with Flat-Mark Billing, Petrolia Present, and our Outsource to Insource Program offers a unique mix that is guaranteed to offer the perfect solution for any land project.

Lockwell Land System

The secret to running a successful land project is not found in software alone. It is in the acquisition and proper application of the information that the software organizes. Instead of creating one rigid system for all clients, we focus on specific data points that each client requires and design custom solutions around those needs. With our data-first approach, we create information management systems that are instantly compatible with the vast variety of software used by our clients.

Whether you are using Excel, Quorum or a custom-built land application, the Lockwell Land System seamlessly procures, integrates and organizes the data that empowers the land professional.


We are in the land business, and so one of our most applicable tools is our knowledge of land and related oil and gas issues. Our professionals do not know everything, but through our dedication to continual learning, we are committed to consistently expanding our knowledge. By creating a culture that embraces learning, we are able to keep up with ever-evolving issues.

Read more about our commitment to education, our culture of knowledge and our support of the American Association of Professional Landmen educational opportunities.

Petrolia Perfect Reporting

We custom design all of our land reports in order to provide relevant information in a format that works best for the client. Through our broad industry experience we have developed innovative reporting solutions specifically crafted to increase efficiency and usability. Whether for abstracts or lease purchase reports, we construct our land reports around a management system that ensures accuracy and uniformity.

Contact us to learn more about Perfect Reporting and custom solutions for your land project.

Petrolia Automate

Manually entering data into oil and gas leases, agreements and other forms gets the job done, but there is a much better way. With Petrolia Automate, we have integrated document automation into every step of the land process. By limiting typos and unintentional contract changes, we protect the investments of our clients, and with batch processing, we can create one instrument or thousands with the same effort.

We believe in working hard, but we also believe in working smart. Contact us to learn more about how Petrolia Automate can turn manual effort into automatic solutions.

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